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Chemical Trucking Company – Hazardous Liquid Hauling Services

Founded in 1982, Hoffmeier, Inc is a chemical hauling company specializing the the transport of hazardous materials for the petroleum, chemical, and petrochemical industries. Our home base is Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we regularly ship to customer locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Hoffmeier is recognized as the bulk chemical carrier of choice because of the expertise of our people, the quality of our equipment, and our safety culture. We are a hazardous chemical hauling company that is passionate about transporting your products safely and on-time. When hauling hazardous chemicals, nothing can replace experience. And our fleet of truck drivers is one of the most experienced on the road. They all have excellent safety records and receive additional safety training on a regular basis.

Hoffmeier has experience with many types of hazardous materials including DMDS (dimethyl disulfide), TBPS (tertiary butylpolysulfide), agricultural chemicals, ethanol, lube oils, lube additives, and grease.

In addition, Hoffmeier has onsite Truck and Trailer repair shops to ensure that our equipment is kept in top operating condition and is always available to service your needs. Our Truck repair shop has five bays to take care of your diesel semi-truck maintenance.  And our Trailer shop has five indoor and one outdoor bay for trailer repairs.

Tanker Trailer
Hazardous Chemical Placards
  • Bulk Trucking of Hazardous Liquid Materials
  • Specializing in service to the petroleum, chemical, and petrochemical industries
  • Steam-heated Polar Tank MC407 Trailers
  • Shipments throughout the USA and Canada​
  • “Family First” Environment
  • Delivering Safely and On-time
  • Established in 1982