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Ultimate Guide to Diesel Pusher Maintenance.Diesel pusher RV’s and coaches are awesome machines that can take you all across the continent. While diesel engines are expensive, following our guide to diesel pusher maintenance will keep your engine functioning properly for hundreds of thousands of miles.  We use these same guidelines to keep our diesel semi’s hauling heavy loads 24/7.  And please don’t forget about your generator. It also has a diesel engine that requires regular maintenance. Hoffmeier has experienced diesel mechanics located in Tulsa to handle your diesel pusher repairs.



Maintenance List for Your Diesel Pusher

Every time you hit the road:

  • Check tire pressure and inflate to the manufacturer’s guidelines. This will make your tires last longer, handle better, improve fuel efficiency, and prevent blow outs. Under-inflated tires generate excess heat, and heat is one of a tire’s worst enemies. Excess heat can cause the tire to disintegrate while you’re cruising at 70 mph.
  • Inspect house batteries and add distilled water as needed
  • Check oil and transmission fluid levels.
  • Examine the air filter and air filter restriction gauge (if equipped) on the engine air intake. If the indicator is in the red zone (usually >25″ w.c) then it’s time to clean or replace the filter.
  • Some diesel pushers have oil-filled wet hubs on the front axle. The oil level should be checked to prevent expensive repairs and bearing issues. The inside of the tires should also be checked for traces of oil on a regular basis.

Annual Maintenance (or every 12,000 miles)

  • Change oil and filter.
  • Replace fuel filters.
  • Lubricate the chassis and drive shaft with every oil change.
  • Change water separator on the fuel line.
  • Replace the air dryer filter and lube slack adjusters yearly.
  • Replace hydraulic oil filter (if your RV has one) once per year.
  • Check coolant levels in the engine and generator (coolant should be totally replaced every four years).
  • Test the Supplemental Cooling Additives (SCA’s) and pH of the coolant. Failure to maintain the correct levels can lead to corrosive bubbles forming on the outside walls of the engine cylinder sleeve.
  • Inspect belts and hoses (replace at least once every four years).

Longer Maintenance Intervals

  • Change air filter at least once every two years.
  • Replace differential lube oil every 75,000 miles.
  • Change transmission filters every two years.
  • Pack wheel bearings every 25,000 miles or three years. For wet hubs on the front axle, replace the oil every three years with synthetic gear lube.

Hoffmeier Prevost Diesel Pusher MaintenanceGenerator Maintenance

  • Change oil and filter every year or every 100 miles.
  • Replace fuel filter once per year.
  • Change air filter every two years.
  • Clean the Spark Arrestor after every 250 operating hours. Failure to do so can lead to exhaust smoke or even fire when the hot carbon deposits are exhausted onto dry grass.
  • Replace generator belt every four years.


Guide to Diesel Pusher Maintenance.