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Diesel Pusher Maintenance Recommendations

Diesel pusher RV's and coaches are awesome machines that can take you all across the continent. While diesel engines are expensive, following our guide to diesel pusher maintenance will keep your engine functioning properly for hundreds of thousands of miles.  We use...

Diesel Fuel and Engines – An Introduction

Diesel engines are the backbone of our logistics networks, backup generator power, and many other industrial and home applications. Diesel fuel is used in the majority of big rigs on the roads, many personal trucks and automobiles, ships, and locomotives. Diesel is one of the fuels distilled from crude oil.

History of Detroit Diesel Engines

The Beginning of Detroit Diesel General Motors started Detroit Diesel in 1939 near the end of the Great Depression. Originally named the GM Diesel Division, Detroit Diesel Corporation has become an American success story by producing reliable and fuel-efficient...

The Hoffmeier Trucking Story

The Hoffmeier Trucking Story The Early Days Kermit D. Hoffmeier was born in the small town of Garnett, Kansas in the mid-1940's. While growing up on a farm, Kermit became fascinated with machinery. At 10 years old, an entrepreneur was born when he bought his first...